What's Labs?

For several years UKRD has been beavering away making things that enable our radio stations and business units to perform more efficiently and effectively through the creation and deployment of some great software and tools. These include our superb content management system (CMS), Android and iOS apps, audio streaming solutions and music testing software and many, many more.

We're actively licensing our products and services to external clients, and this we call "Labs".


Our existing client base boasts sector and non-sector operations based domestically and internationally. We work directly with operators and with businesses who act as re-sellers of our products and services.


We believe in a fair and mutually respectful relationship with all our partners, so our fee's and service agreements are reasonable, our training is thorough and our support is friendly.

Most of our products are listed below, for some we're still figuring out the best way to market them...but get in touch anyway if you're interested.

What we do

  • Content Management System (Suitable for most sectors inc e-commerce)...more
  • Streaming (Audio streaming & pre-roll, suitable for broadcast media)...more
  • Opinion Polling & Surveys (Suitable for all)
  • Music Testing (Radio stations & record companies)...more
  • Android & iOS Apps (Designed with radio stations in mind)...more
  • Discount Vouchers (Prodominantly a radio product, many variations available)
  • Flight Deck (Studio phone system)
  • Facebook Apps (A hosted solution suitable for all)
  • Auctions (Based online for TV, Radio and other media)