Music Testing


What we offer

UKRD's Music Testing software has been developed with radio stations in mind; the music you play must be what your audience wants to hear: the artist, genre, frequency etc. Your music choices will define your radio station and will pay an enormous part  in determining its success. Our music testing software will ensure you have your finger on the pulse of your audience's likes and dis-likes.

Ultimately you are in control of what you test, how often you test it and what results you filter from that collected data.

UKRD has been running this system branded as "Soundcheck" since Q1 2010 and our results speak for themselves: collectively our stations have increased their reach by 10% and their TSL has increased by 20%. It's worth noting that this was, and still is, the only music research we do, no AMT's, call-out's etc.

It's fair to say that we've done this a few times and we've made a few mistakes. That experience and knowledge gained is something that we'd happily share with you in order to make your music testing as effective as possible.


  • Simple survey creation tools
  • Unlimited hooks
  • Optional perceptual questioning
  • Email invites & reminders
  • Filter:
    • Market competition
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Listening habits
    • Postcode/Zipcode

User Interface

User friendly interface Uploading song hooks Email invitation, reminders and alerts Perceptual questioning Filtering the data Results Graphical results


Online Music Testing v's AMT v's Call-out

Our online music testing software is likely to be significantly cheaper than an AMT or Call-Out. If delivered well on air and the data used properly there is little room for an AMT or Call-Out to provide you with better data, assuming you have enough respondents in your target demographic.

Perhaps you run 2 AMT's per year you may decide you can drop to one and carry out online music testing in tandem using the AMT data as the foundation and the music testing data to check the scores are still correct 3, 6, 9 months in.

You could of course use your call-out team to recruit online music testing members if you were concered about reaching confirmed respondent's from your target demographic.

It's well documented that some radio stations have looked into this before, although for UKRD a thorough promotion has never left us short of recruitment targets.

Incentivised recruitment campaigns onair, online and socially are proven. This is just some of the experience & knowledge we've gained, something we'd be happy to share.


We don't have a generic demo running all the time, but if you would like one then please get in touch.

Alternativley we'd invite you to participate in one of our own, these run every 3 weeks so if we're not running now the liklihood is we're about to start. Try


If you license our CMS (or don't already but are looking for an integrated solution) then we can bolt on our music testing software at a greatly discounted rate.

Should your preference be to run a standalone music testing console then this is also possible. We'd create you a site that you can link to which would be branded to your needs.

We offer group discounts and additional consultancy beyond setup. Both options command a one-off setup fee.