What we offer

UKRD's take on online streaming is simple: A feature rich, reliable product that doesn't cost the earth.

Our streaming solution is not only utilised by our own radio brands but is licensed to external stations and in store radio providers.

As we're in the radio business you could say we know what we're talking about, we believe that knowledge and experience shows in our offering but also in our support:

  • Muplitple formats (mp3 & AAC)
  • 128k and 24k streams (mp3 only, critical for mobile devices over gprs)
  • Geo IP locking if required
  • Pre-roll (a short ad or promo that plays each time a user connects)
  • Balanced servers with ever growing capacity
  • Reliable uptime
  • Realtime and historical reporting
  • Easy setup

If your operation is based beyond UK/Europe then we'd probably create a regional proxy for your service to ease delivery.


We'll charge you a monthly fee for your first 1TB of data, then each 1TB used after that (pcm) is chargable at a heavily discounted rate.

When compared to some UKRD station's prevous service provider, at rate card, our prices are around 50% less than we used to pay...and we offer more features.

User Interface

Headline streaming information Historical streaming data Streaming by device Week by week streaming comparison



Please get in touch for more info, we'd be happy to quote.