UKRD Appoints New MD at Star Radio in Cambridge

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1:56pm 28th July 2014

Local commercial radio operator, UKRD Group, has announced that James Woodward has been appointed as the new Managing Director of its station based in Cambridge, Star Radio.

Confirming the appointment, which takes effect from 1st August, the group’s Chief Executive Officer, William Rogers, praised the performance of the sales operation at the station which of late, has been delivering record levels of local revenue. “As Sales Manager, James has overseen this tremendous level of delivery and he’s also shown himself to be innovative, focussed and completely determined to drive the stations commercial success; just what we want from the autonomous and empowered managers in our business,” said Rogers.

James, who takes over from Mark Peters who was recently appointed as Managing Director of the group’s flagship station, Pirate FM, represents “one of a new generation of internally grown and promoted Managing Directors,” said Rogers.

“Following on from Marks transfer to Pirate FM, James’ appointment confirms our desire to promote from within the organisation where at all possible,” said Rogers. “We are increasingly seeing good people leave the sector as the results of consolidation and increased networking mean fewer and reducing opportunities and therefore we need to be growing our own wood as a company as the pool of talent continues to shrink.”

James said he was excited to be given the opportunity to run his own operation and was looking forward to starting the role in earnest from 1st August. “I’ve been lucky enough to be a member of the management team that has produced record performances from the station over the last few years and now I’m going to get the opportunity to take over the reins myself as Managing Director. I can’t wait to get stuck in and improve performance still further, setting new records in the process,” he said.

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