UKRD Launches Local Radio Day

UKRD Group Limited

8:01am 3rd May 2016

All things local are at the heart of UKRD’s latest initiative, Local Radio Day, which is aimed at what they describe as “proper” local radio.

The day itself, Friday May 27th , will see the group's fifteen stations undertaking events, tours and community activities all focussed on representing the unique nature of “proper local radio” and the impact it has within the communities it serves. UKRD would also like other local radio stations to get involved if they’d like to.

“This is all about celebrating the impact that proper local radio has on the communities it serves and bringing to the attention of listeners, and the public more generally, everything that is done and delivered by stations which are focussed on all things local,” said group Chief Executive, William Rogers.

“We intend to make this an annual event which will take place at the tail end of May each year and we are also keen for any other proper local radio stations that want to take part in it to join us with their own activities and events on May 27 th . If there are any other stations out there that wish to join in and celebrate this part of our sector, please get in touch with either myself, Dave Coull, the Group Content Director,  via our web site (”

UKRD has confirmed that it will be publishing a Local Radio Day website on which all those taking part will be publicised and supported.

It’ll contain interviews, information and some research findings about the local radio sector.  The group will also be launching a Local Radio Day mobile app platform so that any station not presently delivering its service via mobile and wanting to do so via this platform in the run up to the day and afterwards, can. Generic on-air production which can be used by any local station wanting to take part in the day will also be made available.

“I’m also delighted that we’ve had such excellent support from artists, politicians from all parties and other local personalities supporting the day, as well as proper local radio itself. We’ll be publishing the interviews with them in the run up to Local Radio Day on the website as well as on our own sites and these will be made available to others,” said Rogers.

The group has also confirmed that it has conducted comprehensive research of its own on what its listeners feel about local radio and will be publishing this shortly. Dave Coull, UKRD’s Group Content Director, has confirmed that the research will produce some surprises.

“We constantly get told that proper local radio is struggling and people view it differently or that people do and don’t care about certain things. I think this research will shed some interesting light on this whole issue.”

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