UKRD Welcomes DCMS Consumer Expert Group DAB Report and urges Minister to Implement Recommendations

UKRD Welcomes DCMS Consumer Expert Group DAB  Report and urges Minister to Implement Recommendations

12:37am 16th September 2010

UKRD Welcomes DCMS Consumer Expert Group DAB Report and urges Minister to Implement Recommendations


Radio operator, UKRD, has welcomed the publication of the highly critical report on DAB switchover plans by the Consumer Expert Group released this week. The group, comprised of representatives from different consumer groups, even suggests that there may be no case for a digital switchover at all.


The report, which is wide ranging in its criticisms of present plans, calls for the switchover date to be pushed forward well beyond 2015, no switchover to be announced until at least 70% of listening is to digital and that digital listening itself should be defined as being DAB only listening. There are dozens of additional recommendations relating to signal strength, vehicle penetration, regional variances, the way public information is provided and the care needed to facilitate migration with respect to those amongst disadvantaged groups.


“This is a serious piece of work and needs to be taken seriously,” said Rogers, UKRD’s Chief Executive Officer. “The report highlights the complete lack of thought and poor strategic planning that has been applied to this shambles for over a decade and for the first time we have an independent authoritative body addressing the major issues which have hitherto been swept under the carpet by those who should know better.”


“This drives a coach and horses right through the plans as they are presently presented and, by putting the consumer and listener at the heart of its investigations, makes a major contribution to the debate which, for the first time, addresses the real issues facing ordinary consumers,” said Rogers. “This is a real opportunity for the Minister to review this whole situation and start to put the listener at the heart of this debate. I hope he will implement most of the recommendations contained in this report,” he said.


“The regulator, BBC and bulk of the commercial radio sector have completely failed to collectively think through and then deliver a strategy for the future that makes sense for either the listener or the whole commercial sector. This report is a breath of fresh air and I congratulate the committee on delivering such an impressive critique of the shambles we are presently having thrust upon us all.”



More information – William Rogers 01209 310435

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