Meet the Exec Team


Andy Preece

Andy joined UKRD in June 2008 as Group Financial Controller.

Prior to joining UKRD Andy worked predominantly in the manufacturing sector.  In addition to traditional Financial Controller roles, previous roles include Business Systems controller for the European division of a US manufacturing company, managing the European roll out of new Finance systems. Andy was shortlisted as FD of the Year : Private Company for 2013 by his professional institute, The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales

Andy is an Associate of the ICAEW.

Outside of work Andy enjoys several outdoor sports including surfing, mountain biking and skiing, with a skill level best illustrated by the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”.


James Wenger

Chief Technology Officer

James Wenger

UKRD’s Chief Technology Officer fell into radio by accident somewhere around 2007, having come from an internet and software development background, prior to which he spent more time than is sensible for anyone without sandals and a beard swanning around in Academia pretending to do clever things.

James stopped protesting that he was not some kind of computer nerd when the rest of the Exec team started commenting on him never seeming to turn up to meetings without at least one computer (and a couple of other "wierd geeky" devices) and when someone else told him having four computers on his desk was “not normal”.

James is a member of the British Computer Society.

As well as radio and computers, James has also been studying martial arts since childhood, for the last 20 years or so his primary art has been aikido and he heads over to Japan when he is able... where he is reminded that he is still only just learning this stuff.